Pioneers of hard psychedelic improvised techno, R-Zac are the live performance and production duo of Crystal Distortion and 69db. Before coming together in the early ‘90s as part of London’s notorious free party soundsystem crew Spiral Tribe, Crystal Distortion was releasing on seminal UK labels like Rising High Records and Moving Shadow, whilst 69db was playing drums in bands and busking in metro stations. On forming R-Zac, the duo became the Spiral Tribe Liveset, performing their heady extemporised style of techno at some of the most legendary outdoor raves and warehouse parties across the UK and Europe. Both prolific producers, most of the recordings on Spiral Tribe Records and the affiliate Network 23 label can be attributed to Crystal Distortion, 69db and R-Zac. 30 years later, R-Zac are as dynamic, engaging and unbridled as ever, inciting the next generation of rebellious ravers with furious sets at festivals like Fusion, Dour and Boomtown.

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